Australia Passes Laws To Ban Online Poker In-play Sportsbetting

In Australia, the Senate today followed the House Of Representatives in passing a piece of amended legislation that has closed several loopholes to completely ban online casino and poker games as well as the placement of in-play sportsbetting.

Introduced in November by Alan Tudge, Minister of Human Services for Australia, following the publication of the government’s Reviews Of Illegal Offshore Betting report, the Interactive Gambling Bill Amendment 2016 has now amended the nation’s existing online gambling laws to prohibit the provision and promotion all services without a license for local players.

The House Of Representatives passing measure, designed to “bridge the gap found in the Interactive Gambling Act 2001”, on February 8 and the Senate move means that all online casino and poker games are now illegal while further international betting will be required to obtain a local license to continue. offer their services to Australian based passengers.

However, the Canberra ban has not been accepted by all legislators with Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm telling The Australian Huffington Post news service that the new law is “stupid” because the changes are not needed and will not be effective.

“If you want to play poker, there are lots of opportunities in Australia at casinos and tournaments,” Leyonhjelm told The Huffington Post Australia. “It’s not as if there’s not a lot of poker playing already but they just stop online. The whole world is online now. The 2001 laws were originally intended to stop online gambling of various kinds but there was no such loophole. There is quite an active online poker community in Australia. I don’t think it will work for those who are really determined. If you have a [virtual private network] or an offshore account, you’ll still be playing. This is a stupid situation. ”

Although online in-play sportsbetting has been banned for some time, the 2016 Amendment Bill’s Interactive Gambling now closes a loophole that allows passengers to place bets through the use of the “click to call” feature on the operator’s website and app. Live betting has been cited as a possible factor in the match or spot-fix although Leyonhjelm told The Huffington Post Australia that the new ban could actually help this illegal market prosper.

“In the UK, there are in-play betting providers and their government taxes are licensed,” Leyonhjelm told The Huffington Post Australia. “They raised hundreds of millions of revenues last year. They are also able to audit bets to link rigged and correlated sporting events that return to activity to follow the money The on-play sportsbetting ban is intended to stop sports corruption. If that’s the case now, we may never know. ”

Part of the Interactive Gambling Bill of Amendments 2016 was widely expected and, which is the second largest online poker site in the world, exited the Australian market earlier this year while Vera & John wound its operations below near the end of 2016.

“This will promote the black market,” said Leyonhjelm of The Huffington Post Australia. “There are ways to circumvent the prohibition approach. People will gamble using foreign providers in various ways. They will be in the hands of the shady provider sometime and if they get ripped off they’ll have another recourse. “

National Ports Authority Calls For Investigation Of Paraguay Casino Projects

In Paraguay, the National Port Authority has reportedly announced that it intends to report the nation’s president to the public prosecutor over plans to use the land in order to build a new hotel and casino complex for the country’s second largest city of Ciudad Del Este.

According to a report from G3 Newswire, port regulators want to put Horacio Cartes of the center-right Colorado party along with Ciudad Del Este mayor Sandra McLeod De Zacarias and other public officials on trial for seizing power over for proposed hotel and casino developments.

In order to help attract players from the neighboring Brazilian city of Foz Do Iguacu, a planned casino complex is rumored to be within the current local headquarters of the National Harbor Authority at the head of the border Bridge of Friendship. The just over 27-acre site is a plus as it has a hotel with 200 to 300 rooms along with a swimming pool as well as shops and other entertainment facilities.

G3 Newswire reports that any aspiring casino operator will be required to invest at least $ 50 million in development in exchange for a 20-year gambling license while many companies from as far away as the United States including the likes of Hard Rock Cafe International Incorporated are said to be interested.

Although Cartes early sanctioned the casino tender process earlier this month, the National Ports Authority has rejected presidential decrees 6131 and 6865 on allegations that this violates the Ports Act 1066, which prohibits regulators’ use of land for any purpose incompatible with its primary purpose. The group also claims that land concessions were carried out without consent and that the construction of gambling facilities would destroy the historical and cultural heritage of Ciudad Del Este.

Nasional Ports Authority dilaporkan apalagi ingin jaksa penuntut umum untuk menyelidiki Gustavo Leite, Industri Dan Menteri Perdagangan untuk Paraguay, serta Presiden Komisi Gaming Nasional, Javier Balbuena, atas berbagai, penyalahgunaan jabatan, pelanggaran kepercayaan dan dokumen palsu klaim.

“Horacio Cartes, Sandra McLeod De Zacarias, Gustavo Leite, Javier Balbuena and his henchmen will be reported to the public service for the struggle for public authority for the Of Ports directory and for producing documents with false ideological content,” read a statement from Nicolas Russo, a lawyer working on behalf of the National Port Authority. “We also anticipate that we will sue the president’s political judgment for the poor performance of his duties apart from committing a criminal offense against the inheritance of the people of Paraguay.”

Florida Gets Little Support For Expanded Gambling

In Florida, a new No Casinos poll in the Florida lobby group has reported that some 84% of the southern state’s population wants to reduce casino gambling or maintain the status quo while around 60% of respondents stated that they would be less likely to vote for a candidate. which supports casino expansion.

The results of the investigation come as legislators in the Florida State Senate are considering a proposed measure that would expand gambling and renegotiate the state’s stalled compact with casino-operating Seminole Tribe Of Florida. Known as Senate Bill 8, the law will license a pair of new casino-only slots for -Dade County and Broward County while allowing existing gambling facilities in the two counties to offer up to 25 blackjack tables.

In addition, a proposed law from Florida State Senator Bill Galvano will allow slots to be licensed at facilities in eight counties from January while reducing state-wide tax rates on machines by 10% to 25%. It will also allow all parimutuel card rooms in Florida to run “player-tilt” games such as poker and set aside up to $ 20 million per year to support the horse racing industry by supplementing live bag pool races.

However, there is a Casino In Florida poll, conducted by Jacksonville-based Mason-Dixon Polls And Research Incorporated from February 24 to 28 and involved a survey of about 624 voters who registered by telephone, reportedly finding that only 8% of Floridians felt that there were not. enough casinos in the country while 46% view current offerings as adequate.

“Tallahassee politicians need to get the message that only 8% of Florida voters want expanded gambling and 84% want to be left alone or reduced,” said a statement from John Sowinski, President of No Casinos in Florida. “It’s time to stop listening to the gambling lobbyists and listen to people.”

No Casinos In Florida the poll moreover reportedly found that anti-expansion sentiment was strongest in central Florida with some 92% of respondents stating that they are either against gambling more or favor keeping things their way. This was followed by people in the north of the country at 87% while the figure in the south-west came in at 84%. South-eastern Florida was found to be the most supportive of expanded gambling with 11% of those surveyed in the Miami-centered area expressing their that current casualties were insufficient followed by the Tampa area at 10%.

“Most Floridians do not want their elected officials to expand gambling because they know that more gambling hurts the quality of life for them and their families,” read a statement from Sowinski. “The elected officials must learn from, not only good public policy, smart politics to resist the expansion of gambling in Florida.”

The West Virginia Greyhound Industry’s Death Over

As a long trend continues across the country and around the world to play out, West Virginia could be the next US state to end greyhound racing without actually banning animal sports.

As part of the Republic’s state-backed budget, state greyhound racing and video game lottery can be separated. purebred dog breeders will no longer receive a share of the revenue generated by the lucrative slot machines, even the video lottery terminal was initially conditionally approved.

According to reports by a local news outlet, the dogs have been racing in Wheeling, West Virginia for more than 40 years, while our research found the first facility opened at Wheeling’s opening in 1866 with bulldogs being introduced to the track in August 1976. In the summer of 1984 “Wheeling Downs “is above 3 or 4 tracks out of 42 hence domestic operations.

Now dog racing is illegal in 40 states, while all tracks have been closed in more than four countries due to other pressure. Currently, only West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Iowa have legal, active tracks. Arizona was the last state to ban dog racing in 2016. Since 2001 thirty tracks have ended racing and most have closed completely.

From a practical point of view, no one expects track country races to survive if breeders no longer receive a portion of the slot’s losses. From an economic standpoint Senate Bill 4-37 proponents say the move will save the country an estimated $ 15 million per year.

Opponents of the bill say the section will close every kennel in the state and eliminate as many as 1,700 jobs. Without a track to race there could also be as many as 6,000 dogs in need of adoption.

Other states, including Florida, have struggled with the possibility of parimutuel betting, dog and horse tracks, being separated from the gambling machines that made their way onto the scene as a way to create and maintain jobs in the racing industry.

Florida Thoroughbred Breeders ‘and Ownership’ Association CEO & Executive VP, Lonny Powell said the potential was there, “In short, decoupling means racing tracks in Florida will have the option of dropping all or part of live racing while keeping (or expanding) slots and room facilities. poker and seek authorization for future gaming products from the Florida Legislature. ”

In late 2015, Spectrum Gaming released an updated report detailing the decline in Wheeling’s attendance from 929,000 in 1983 to just 13,000 in 2013. The State of the Revenue Service was assigned a report to obtain an independent and objective analysis of whether sharing video lottery revenue with racetracks made economic sense.

The results showed that the bag supplement increased to 95%, while the rewards were never made entirely from hand held bets on dogs. On one track the wallet will also come out of the citizen at a ratio of 230: 30.

The following is part of a World Casino News report on the first study published in 2015:

In 2014 the country approached its overall loss for the first time with surveillance costs projected at $ 965,000 and race-related revenue for the country projected at $ 1 million. The report also shows that the overall economic impact of the greyhound industry barely exceeds subsidies. greyhound racing outright, their final recommendation does suggest that if the Legislature decides to eliminate racing, a fraction of the gross gaming revenue tax from West Virginia lottery video casinos currently going into bag subsidies could be used to compensate. those in the industry who will be harmed by a racing halt.

In the industry it is noted that greyhound racing employs large numbers of people and it is their hope that legislators will not leave the sport.

Currently, the 39 states and territories of Guam have been banned from greyhound racing, and four other countries do not have active tracks. Colorado is the latest state to outlaw the practice by law in 2014. Only six states apart from West Virginia allow greyhound racing and have active tracks.

North Bay Casino Meeting With City Leaders

In Canada, opponents of a plan that would bring casinos to the community from North Bay are reportedly ready to meet with local council officials tomorrow in the hope of convincing them to rethink a 2012 decision that saw the small town designated as the host community.

According to a report from the local North Bay Nugget newspaper, the council will hear presentations from group members at North Bay Casino and others concerned about the socio-economic impact of opening a gambling venture in the town of Nipissing District on Tuesday as opponents continue to increase their efforts to stop the casino from opening its doors.

“Our position is that it is not over to the end,” Kay Heuer of North Bay Casino told the newspaper.

December sees the state-run Ontario Lottery And Gaming Company sign a 20-year contract that will see a new Vancouver-based Gateway Casino And Entertainment Limited open in the Ontario cities of North Bay and Kenora and take over the existing gambling facility in Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie. and Sudbury.

However, Heuer told the newspaper that arrangements to bring the casino to North Bay remain subject to negotiation, confirmation and acceptance by the local community and that he has not seen the council come up with any research or argument that the facility would be of benefit to residents.

“Our research is that none,” Heuer told the newspaper before suggesting that the social costs associated with casinos would far outweigh the economic benefits.

Heuer reportedly also explained that Tuesday’s meeting is expected to include a presentation focused on business, church and counseling perspectives and could include a new call for the city to conduct a study of the economic impact into casino openings.

The North Bay Nugget reports that local health authorities have asked city leaders to set aside a portion of the expected revenue from casinos in order to establish a responsible gambling program while previously recommended conducting research to determine the prevalence of gambling problems in the community followed by future investigations to see if this rate has changed.

In addition, the newspapers reported that more than 60 local doctors recently signed a petition calling on council leaders to do their best to protect citizens from the negative impact of the coming casinos, who are eligible to offer up to 300 slots along with some 120. live gaming table chairs.

The North Bay Nugget reports that the planned North Bay casino is to create 150 to 200 new jobs while the city will benefit from paying an annual property tax along with a 5% share of gambling revenue, which could reach as high as $ 1.5 million annually.

Carrie Kormos, Marketing And Communications Senior Vice-President for Gateway Casinos And Entertainment Limited, told the newspaper in January that her company plans to work with local communities before settling on the scope of the project including the facilities it will offer. He also reportedly stated that more detailed citizen input and market research would help determine what kind of casino the British Columbia company would bring to the city of 51,000 people.

James Packer Sold the Crown For $ 100m

Australian Casino Tycoon James Packer has raised more than $ 101 million (AUD) from selling one million subordinates at Crown Resorts Limited to the company last week, according to an Australian Exchange filing by the company holding Consolidated Press Holdings.

Private investment firm Packer Consolidation Press has a large stake in Crown Resorts and they have sold subordinated notes for $ 101.58 per share, or about 1.5% more of their face value from when they were issued, in 2012, giving the total estimated interest on sales of $ 1.5 million. On top of these figures, Packer also reportedly received a total of $ 489 million from a separate injection of a $ 0.3 dividend and a special payment of $ 0.8 raised from the sale of Crown Resort’s stock in Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd

The buy notes are part of Crown’s plan to reduce corporate debt, increase returns to stakeholders, and increase share prices by overhauling the capital structure to focus more on local operations than global expansion. In line with these plans, the company had offloaded most of its stake in Melco Crown through several sales and abandoned plans for what would become their first US casino in Las Vegas.

The company, according to official plans, is also a buyback program what will see $ 500 million of common stock bought and has plans to buy back as much of the outstanding subordinated $ 422 million as they can. At the same time, they are working on opening a $ 2 billion VIP-only resort called Crown Sydney on Barangaroo, which is most likely to start 2020.

A Quite High Cost Increase Feels Genting Hong Kong

Asian casino operator Genting Hong Kong Limited has seen annual profits for 2016 fall from the $ 2,100,000 it recorded for the previous twelve month period to a deficit of more than $ 504,000 despite posting a 39.1% year-on-year increase in ship activity. cruise.

Genting Hong Kong is responsible through the Travelers International Hotel Group Incorporated association for the development of Resorts World Manila in the Philippines and disclosed that 2016 saw overall annual revenue increase of than 43% year-on-year to $ 10.1 billion although operating expenses also increased by nearly 58% to $ 972.1 million.

The Hong Kong-based company is an additional parent of the Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and Crystal Cruises brands as well as the Lloyd Werft Group shipbuilding and nightlife brand Zouk and explains that annual cruise and cruise-related revenues hit $ 908.1 million while revenue from non-activities -cruise swelled by 192.5% to $ 108.6 million mainly due to the acquisition of a shipyard in Germany.

In terms of the Association Travelers International Hotel Group Incorporated, a Hong Kong-listed company stated that 2016 total revenues fell 5.2% year-on-year to $ 577.6 million while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization fell by 0.5%. to $ 135.6 million. Moreover higher casino operating costs caused direct costs for the twelve month period to hit $ 223 million while general and administrative expenses fell nearly 1% to $ 203.8 million.

“This increase is due to the full-year depreciation for the Marriott Grand Ballroom, which was capitalized in December 2015, a general marketing increase as a result of a change in arrangements with diner operators from last year’s revenue-sharing with rolling-traditional commission based and final year tax audits. earlier, “said a statement from Genting Hong Kong.

In addition, Genting Hong Kong stated that the Travelers Hotel Group Incorporated recorded a financial cost for 2016 of $ 30.7 million, which is an increase from 80.5% year-on-year mainly due to the depreciation of the Philippine peso leading to a foreign exchange loss that has not yet realized over a $ 300 million bond.

It’s detailed that all of this leaves the Travelers International Hotel Group Incorporated with a net profit for 2016 of $ 71.4 million, which is a decrease of 19.2% year-on-year, even though cash and equivalents rose more than 2% to $ 267.7 million .

Several Goa Governments Revert their Anti-Casino Stance

In India, despite not winning a majority in the last Goa state election, the Bharatiya Janata Party has been invited to form a government for the next five-year parliamentary term while reportedly also partially reversing its previous stance against casinos.

According to a report from Asia Gaming Brief, conservative parties won a majority vote in the previous Goa election in 2012 on the back of a promise to shutter all of the nation’s casinos. But, it then failed to close down a single venue and was even forced to activate a floating sixth gambling license last week following a ruling from the Mumbai High Court.

The Bharatiya Janata Party won 13 out of 40 seats in the last election for the Goa Legislative Assembly and was asked to form a government after showing it could count on the support of nine independent MPs.

Now, the governor of the Bharatiya Janata Party for the small western state, Mridula Sinha, has stated that state casinos should be allowed to remain open as long as they are run according to local regulations.

“We can’t shut them down because there are a lot of tourists and their frequent visitors,” said Sinha. “Instead of banning them [we must] keep a close watch on their activities.”

Goa now has 15 casinos including six that are on boats on the Mandovi River and their future has been in jeopardy as opposition to the Indian National Congress and the Aadmi Aam Party have made at least a partial closure of these venues a main board of their campaign despite official figures. – a figure showing last year’s industry contributed about $ 19 million to the state treasury.

In the end, the Aam Aadmi Party failed to secure a seat in the Goa Legislative Assembly while the Indian National Congress was to become the second largest political party in the state after successfully winning 17 seats.

Online Live Casino Enthusiasts Increasingly at Fastbet99

A number of researchers in Indonesia released figures yesterday showing online casino gaming saw an increase in gross revenue of 2.8% for February when compared to the same month last year. In 2016, 12 state casinos brought in a total of IDR 1,088,177,007 while this year’s revenue shows a total of IDR 2,0558,877,005.

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North Dakota Casino Expansion Act

In North Dakota, the Republican lawmaker behind a proposed law that would allow voters to decide whether to change the state’s constitution to open a maximum of six state-owned casinos has reportedly been resized.

According to a report from the Associated Press news agency, Al Carlson of the North Dakota House Of Representatives introduced his House of Concurrent Resolution 3033 earlier this month in hopes of gaining voter approval to open up to six first-of-their-kind non-aboriginal casinos in the northern

The current constitution of North Dakota reportedly prevents legislators from authorizing “any game of chance, lottery or corporate prize” but does not allow charity gaming while also allowing the state of only 758,000 people to join the multi-jurisdictional lottery. However, superior federal law sanctions running casinos on tribal land and there are currently more than a dozen such venues in the Midwestern state including Sky Dancer Casino And Resort in Rolette County of India’s Turtle Mountain Band Of Chippewa and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of Prairie Knights Casino. And Resort near the small town of Fort Yates.

Carlson’s proposed bill, recently called “racist” by North Dakota State Senator Richard Marcellais, could reportedly see a state-wide vote on whether the state should allow non-tribal casinos for the first time to be held as soon as June 2018, although some critics claim that a measure of little more than a payback for the millions of dollars Bismarck has been forced out of for police protests linked to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project.

As originally written, Concurrent House Resolution 3033 would a seven-member gaming commission composed of experts appointed by the governor, auditor, state attorney general and legislative leaders while any of the new non-tribal casinos will not be allowed to operate within 20 miles of the reservation. Native American. Carlson’s amended size has now doubled this last provision by 40 miles while the second provision which would prohibit commercial gambling from being located within five miles of a city holding a population of more than 5,000 has been completely removed, meaning that this casino will be allowed almost anywhere. in the state.

Yggdrasil Takes Bwin As The First Partner in Italy

European game maker Yggdrasil Gaming has partnered with GVC Holdings, the company that acquired the Bwin.Party brand in 2015, to provide GVC’s Italian sites Bwin.It and Gioco Digitale with game studio products, according to a press release posted earlier this week.

This partnership will mark the first entry into the Italian market regulated by Yggdrasil Gaming where a number of award winning game designs will be offered under Bwin’s platform. The studio’s gaming portfolio will be introduced in stages, the first of which will see 11 games certified and supplied to operators, including their Wild and Nirvana slots Viking away.

Games will be integrated via Yggdrasil’s HTML5 iSense 2.0 framework which will allow players to launch mobile and desktop games simultaneously. This framework will also provide with the Yggdrasil line of exclusive promotional tools such as the BRAC function, which gives players the opportunity to capture replays on their winning spins and share them on social media, but also the BOOST tool, which allows operators to create engaging activities. like a cross-game mission campaign for various prizes.

Commenting on the partnership, GVC Holdings CPO, Liron Snir, in a statement that this Yggdrasil game has stormed the online market and that it is a great opportunity for GVC to be able to implement the studio’s world-class products among their Italian offerings, especially the BRAC tool which is “interesting. actually ”for the company.

The CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming, Fredrik Elmqvist, also commented and said that they are very pleased to have partnered with such a large and respected operator for their entry into the Italian market and that this is another big issue that illustrates the progress made by Yggdrasil Gaming, but also how “it is desirable. Their game design and promo tools have become.

Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino Owner Sued US Immigration Officials

In the Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands, the current owner of the Tinian Dynasty Hotel And Casino has reportedly sued US immigration officials for allegedly damaging its reputation and severely compromising its ability to successfully run a San Jose business.

According to a report from the Saipan Tribune newspaper, Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited closed its casino at its Tinian Dynasty Hotel And Casino in September 2015 before shuttering hotel operations a year ago as a of the United States Citizenship and Immigration services component of the United States Department of Homeland Security repeatedly refused to provide foreign-born employees with a CW-1 job permit.

Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited is now reportedly suing United States Citizenship and Immigration Services along with former component directors, Leon Rodriguez, and Jeh Johnson, past United States Secretary Of Homeland Security, for this denial and allegations that the trio had helped to brand Tinian Dynasty Hotel And Casino as “unauthorized business”.

The newspaper reported that Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited had been accused by the Financial Crime Enforcement Network in 2013 of violating anti-money laundering protocols under the Bank Secrecy Act but the operator signed a non-prosecution agreement which saw the action dismissed in July 2015. In his lawsuit, the operator argues that employees have repeatedly denied the CW-1 work permit as material working its way through the federal court system.

In addition, George Anthony Long, a lawyer working for Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited, told the newspaper that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service had agreed to review the refusal if his client won or was not However, seven months after agreeing to a non-prosecution settlement and the Bureau of Complaints Administration upheld CW-1’s refusal after determining that the operator was not running a “legitimate business”.

In response, the United States Department of Justice Office of Immigration Litigation has reportedly denied allegations that they had designated Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited “as an unauthorized business” or once referred to the operator as “unauthorized business”.

Heather Sokolower of the Immigration Litigation Office told the newspaper that Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited had misrepresented the actions of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and had offered no fact or evidence that the decision to reject the CW-1 petition had an accident caused.

Multiple California Lottery Winners Lead to Late Payments

The volume of lottery winners in the state of California has increased recently, which has led to delays in prize payments of over $ 600.The California Lottery has stated that it cannot keep up with all of its recent winnings and used scratcher prize payouts to take six weeks to pay is now pending, with people waiting 12 to 14 weeks for payment.

Scratchers who have a prize of $ 599 or less can be at the shop where the ticket was purchased, but prizes higher than $ 600 require the player to fill out a claim form which begins the claim process. The Deputy Director of Communications for the California Lottery, Russel Lopez, stated that it was not that the lottery had no money for payment, but that the Lottery was just a catch-up play because of the entry of winners.

Regular players from the California Lottery have expressed their skepticism on the tardiness but others understand the problem at hand. An increase in winners with prizes of $ 600 or more was reported due to a new strategy with the Lottery. According to Lopez, the Lottery has introduced higher price point scratchers which can result in a higher number of winners. Lopez stated that players like $ 10 and $ 20 a game and that the Lottery recently introduced another new game with a $ 30 price tag.

A large number of raffle claims range from $ 600 to $ 1,000. The Lottery is reportedly working on a plan to speed up the processing of claims that go into these prizes.

Empire City Casino Prepares $ 150,000 For Tournament Slots

The pinnacle of the month-long slots tournament is set to take place this Sunday March 12 at the Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York with the $ 150,000 Slots Tournament Finale. 600 players will be on hand, competing for the first prize spot of $ 100,000. The tournament will start at noon with players competing for a further seven hours before the winner will be crowned.

Over the past month, slot players at Empire City Casino have been playing slot games in hopes of earning enough points to secure a place to in the finals of this Sunday’s high-stakes tournament. 600 Empire Club Members will hit the gaming floor this weekend, taking part in a session every 15 minutes from 12 noon starting time until 7:15 am when the tournament ends.

On top of the $ 100,000 first place prize, nine runners up will compete for prizes worth $ 1,000 to $ 20,000. Qualifiers from the tournament finale will also be eligible for $ 50 in free play.

Prizes for Winners:

Place Cash Prize
One $ 100,000
Two $ 20,000
Three $ 10,000
Four $ 7,000
Five $ 5,000
Six $ 3,000
Seven $ 2,000
Eight to ten $ 1,000 each

Tournament slots are one of the many events Empire City Casino throughout the year. The casino is located at Yonkers Raceway and provides over 150,000 square feet of gaming floor space. The casino has over 5,000 slots and video poker machines as well as electronic roulette, craps, baccarat and sic bo table games. A restaurant, bar / lounge and entertainment venues are also on site.

Trans World Corporation development

European casino operator Trans World Corporation has released financial results for the last three months of 2016 showing that the improvement in business volume led to a 14.2% increase in total year-on-year revenue to $ 14.4 million.

New York-based Trans World Corporation operates three American Casino Opportunity branded casinos in the Czech Republic and explains that fourth quarter earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization by 25% year-on-year to $ 3 million while net income swelled by 33 % to hit $ 2,400,000.

During the twelve months to the end of December, the issuing company, which runs its American Opportunity Casino places in the border communities of the Czech Republic of Kubice, Dolni Dvoriste and Znojmo, reported a 25.7% year-on-year increase in total revenue to $ 53.2 million while Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization increased 56.1% to $ 11.4 million.

All of this saw the company’s report annual net profit of $ 6.3 million representing a 65.7% year-on-year advance, while the value of its assets including the Kranichhohe Hotel recently acquired in Much, Germany, expanded by 19.7% to totaled $ 66.1 million.

“The increase in revenue in 2016 is a result of ongoing to our operations, entertainment and facilities as well as a commitment to continuing to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service,” said Rami Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer for Trans World Companies. “2016 was an important year for the company. Trans World Corporation remains well positioned for further expansion and growth. We are constantly working to improve our existing casino and hotel properties in response to the evolving needs of our clients while seeking acquisition opportunities in both the gaming and hospitality industries. This approach will strengthen our company foundation and our position in the markets we serve. “

Cyprus initiates OPAP’s financial investigations

European sportsbetting and lottery giant OPAP could be in trouble with authorities in Cyprus after the island nation’s Attorney General reportedly ordered a police investigation into company finances.

According to a report from the Cyprus Mail newspaper, Costas Clerides initiated the action after OPAP demanded that the office of Rea Georgiou, the Cypriot General Accountant, sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving the annual

The unusual request, which was made public earlier this week during parliamentary discussions on proposed legislation that would reform Cypriots’ gambling rules so that they better conform to European Union legislation, was reportedly rejected by Georgiou after consulting with Clerides and then being asked. OPAP to deny access to his books.

Founded in Greece in 1958 as a state-owned gambling monopoly, OPAP was transformed into a joint stock company in 1999 before 2013 saw cash-strapped Athens sell its remaining 33% stake in Greco-Republican group company Emma Delta Hellenic Parent limited for an estimated $ 656 million .

The newspaper reported that OPAP, which has maintained Cyprus’ monopoly on providing lottery games, is subject to a bilateral agreement between Athens and Nicosia although critics argue that this status should be abolished as the Greek state is no longer a shareholder.

Odysseas Michaelides, Auditor General of Cyprus, previously stated that current turnover means that it has to pay an annual tax of around $ 37 million instead of the current $ 10.5 million on average each year. He reportedly explained that the operator’s annual gross receipts have shot up from around $ 52.7 million in the years leading up to 2013 now standing at around $ 211 million, meaning that the nation each month loses about $ 2.1 million under the deal. moment.

“We do not feel comfortable with the current circumstances, to give the right to any of the operators without open competition,” said MP Michaelides during this week’s discussion. “What is most important is the part of the country. If it is clear that the public interest is served by direct appointment, then we agree. “

MGM Resorts International Raises Criticism on Connecticut

In Connecticut, MGM Resorts International’s long-running efforts to stop the passage of a proposed law that would allow the state to open third tribe casinos took another turn yesterday after company representatives delivered a warning written by Kenneth Salazar, former United States Secretary of the Interior.

Also a former Democratic United States Senator and Colorado Attorney General, Salazar oversaw the Bureau Of Indian Affairs for five years President Barack Obama and now works for the law firm WilmerHale, which has offices around the world including in Washington, DC.

Two pages of warning submitted to Brian Durand, Connecticut governor’s chief of staff Dannel Malloy, and general counsel Karen Buffkin by Uri Clinton, Senior Vice-President for Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International, and lobbyists Paul Nunez and Jane Murphy express Salazar’s legal opinion that is passed -The proposed legislation will jeopardize the current eastern state revenue-sharing agreement with the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

MMCT Venture, which is a joint venture of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, is requesting permission to build a third Connecticut casino in the city of East Windsor but the proposed location is only about 13 miles from Massachusetts’ MGM Springfield development, which is expected to open in the year 2019 is complete with a 125,000 square foot casino offering up to 3,000 slots and 75 gaming tables. MGM Resorts International has lobbied against the proposed Hartford County venue due to the fact that it would have been granted a license in the absence of a competitive bidding process open to other operators.

MGM Resorts International has long expressed an interest in establishing a gambling venture in south-western Connecticut and argues that the state should allow other companies to compete for a third license.

For their part, the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority operates the giant Mohegan Sun casino in south-eastern Connecticut while the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is in charge of the nearby Foxwoods Resort Casino and both have previously stated that their planned Hartford County venture will serve as a measure of defense against competitive threats that incurred by the arrival of the $ 950 million MGM Springfield.

“First they paid former Holder Attorney General Eric [and] then they paid former [United States] Senator Joseph Lieberman [and] now they pay former Secretary Of The Interior,” read a statement from MMCT Venture spokesman Andrew Doba. “What does it add up to? That MGM [Resorts International] is willing to pay anyone and everyone to stop our project from moving forward because they know our proposal will keep jobs and income in ”

As part of a deal struck with former Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker more than 20 years ago, the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation were given the exclusive right to operate slots in the state in exchange for handing over 25% of the machines’ annual gross revenue to the state. . This amount reached as high as $ 430 million in 2007 but fell to $ 262 million last year and Salazar’s legal opinion states that this arrangement will be threatened should the tribe open their East Windsor casino.

“I believe there is a huge risk that the tribes’ proposed amendments will not receive the necessary approvals in terms of Connecticut’s right to a 25% revenue stream likely to end,” reads Salazar’s letter.

Salazar further explained that any revision of the current revenue sharing between the state and the tribes may moreover not be approved by the Bureau Of Indian Affairs due to the length of time the original agreement has been in place and the rate of foreclosure.

“In my opinion, there is a significant possibility that the review, even if it does not result in an immediate termination of the 25% entitlement income, will lead the department to request a reduction of the 25% royalty provision in the current compact,” read Salazar’s letter. “That’s because the 25% rate is extraordinarily high. In fact, it is higher than the rate at the majority of Indian gaming compacts and the department has repeatedly denied lower rates. ”

Concerned about the possibility of just such an outcome, last week saw Malloy send a letter to Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen asking the state’s most senior lawyers to weigh in on the potential repercussions of a proposed bill.

“We have asked for a formal opinion from the Attorney General Jepsen’s office,” said Kelly Donnelly, a spokesman for Malloy. “One of the specific problems we look for clues to is regarding the risks associated with compact amendments. We look forward to your response to our request. “

South Korea Casino Earnings Report

South Korean casino operator Paradise Company Limited has released financial results for February showing that the gaming revenue of the only five foreigners place that experienced an increase of 13.5% year-on-year to reach nearly $ 36.9 million.

The nation’s largest gambling company, Paradise Company Limited is responsible for establishments in the cities of Busan, Seogwipo-Si, Incheon, Jeju and Seoul while it is also preparing to open the first phase of Paradise City’s $ 1.7 billion integrated casino resort on Yeongjong Island from April. featuring around 350 slots along with 160 live gaming tables.

Seoul-listed Paradise Company Limited revealed that gaming revenue for February represented a 3.4% month-on-month decline compared to just over $ 38.41 million it brought in during January while explaining that the combined takeover table for the first two months of 2017 has slipped so far. 8.2% year-on-year to stand at nearly $ 70.5 million.

The company reported that its February table gaming revenue came in around $ 34.8 million, which is an increase of 14.7% year-on-year but a of 2.7% month-on-month and has accounted for 93.9% of all revenue. In terms of gaming machines, takeovers for the month fell 1.4% when compared to the same period in 2016 and 12.8% to January – roughly $ 2.2 million.

The Seoul-based operator further announced that the decline in gaming tables, which is the amount of money exchanged by customers for chips, for the second month of 2017 decreased by 7.5% year-on-year and 10.9% month-on-month to just over $ 330,900. .000 while the combined tally for January and February has so far decreased 2.4% when set against 2016 to around $ 702.3 million.

Regarding collected January and February revenues, the South Korean company detailed that the takeover had worsened by 7.7% year-on-year to come in at around $ 75.4 million.

Earlier this month, local brokerage firm Shinhan Investment Corporation predicted that the opening of the early-stage Paradise City, which is being developed near Incheon in partnership with Japanese pachinko operator Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated, would negatively impact profits at Paradise Company Limited before later helping operators to significantly increase their profits. overall income and income.

Four casino owners in China have been accused of kidnapping gambling debtors

After being allegedly kidnapped, illegally detained, and holding the passports of three people, four Chinese nationals including Poipet City, a casino owner, were recently arrested by the Phnom Penh city military police.

Cambodia Daily reported that the casino owner, 55-year-old Ding Chunyaun, allegedly ordered the trio of legs to kidnap three gamblers, all also Chinese nationals, for not paying off debt accumulated at the casino located in Cambodia’s Banteay Meanchey province in late December. A statement posted on the military police Facebook page identified the casino owner, along with three legs, as 34-year-old Zhang Janwen, 45-year-old Hao Boshi, and 54-year-old Zhang Xiaofei.

According to the statement, “After a thorough, the Phnom Penh city military police found that Ding Chunyaun was the leader with three other colleagues,” and, “They are a mafia group that has kidnapped Chinese and other foreigners in Cambodia,” the news agency reported.

On Monday, military police said that the casino owner and his three accomplices concocted a plan to kidnap and extort money from the three gamblers’ family in an attempt to recover about $ 1,220,000 in unpaid gambling debt. However, on February 28 the day after the indebted gambler, 46-year-old Liu Junshen, reportedly escaped their custody, the alleged kidnappers apparently decided to turn the other two into the Phnom Penh military police, only to be detained alone and sent to the Municipal Court on Sunday. The military police reportedly said that the photos and phone messages were sent to Mr. Liang’s wife in China.

According to the police, Junshen allegedly owed the casino $ 300,000, while 30-year-old Zhan Qian Qiang owed $ 150,000, and 51-year-old Zhun Xiao Liang, owner of an unidentified Chinese company, was $ 770,000 in debt.

The three attempted to escape and sought help from the Chinese in Phnom Penh, with only Junshen succeeding in doing so. After Junshen escaped Qiang was said to be responsible for looking after two other people held in a locked cage located in an apartment not far from the casino, police reportedly said.

According to the news agency, it was not clear if four people had been charged.

Imperial Pacific February VIP Numbers Dropped Significantly

Operator Saipan Imperial Pacific International has experienced a major drop in VIP turnover in February, just one month after hitting a record high, according to a news report from the latest filing of the Honk Kong Stock Exchange.

The company entered the Northern Mariana Islands market a years ago with plans to build a large casino on the island of Saipan called the Grand Mariana Casino and Hotel Resort, which is scheduled to “so ft” launch this March. But in 2015, the group decided to temporarily build the Best Sunshine Live Casino in Garapan town until the big resort opened, which was officially launched in November 2015.

Over the past year, Best Sunshine Live casino became one of the most profitable gambling venues with an audited VIP turnover of $ 32.37 billion for 2016. That same year the property saw its (then) biggest VIP turnover in September, when the number hit $ 39.5 billion, or two and a half times more than August 2016. But the most recent figures show that VIP turnover at the casino fell to $ 16.7 billion this February – a big difference when compared to their January figures when the casino generated $ 5.6 billion from its VIPs.

The latest swing turnover comes shortly after doubts were about the casino’s impressive VIP numbers in a long Forbes Asia story. According to David Green, a former Aussie regulator, without GGY (gross gaming revenue) and independent confirmation, the veracity of the VIP numbers being published remains unproven. As such, he wonders whether the report is “confected” to increasing the company’s market value, even though reports say that Honk Kong’s stock has fallen.