Guide to play online poker at M88 (Part 2)


You are impressed by Doyle Brunson, with this kind of start you won 2 World Poker Championship titles? 1 piece of advice for you is the type of card is even weaker than 5-9 and never mimic legends.

2-4, 3-6, 3-5, 4-6, 4-7, 5-7

These types of cards are often very difficult to win, it’s best to only play when the same color, and do not adventure too much.

Summary of the most attractive card game to change money today

1 west or 1 yoke and 1 low card (not of the same color)

Do not think this is a strong card, because you only have the hope of winning if a strong card like your card appears. And even with a strong pair, do you think you can win in a 6-player table?

Double Ace, Old Couple, Double Dress, Cowboy: Your chance has come, your chances of winning are great when you have these types of cards. You should follow along if there are no cards that are stronger than you in the turn.

2 strong pieces

You should play but also be careful, if you do not have pairs, it is best not to follow along.

A weak or medium pair

You should play, maybe you will have 3 cards, but don’t be adventurous. 2 cards of the same color: Except for the cases mentioned above, otherwise, please join, the rest is your own behavior. Good luck, do not forget to find out the dealer information, please refer to m88 with fraud to know the details of this house before joining the gambling.

To make money from poker is not easy. If someone tells you that poker money is easy to make, it’s just a trick. If you want to win other people’s money, just knowing the rules is not enough. You need to dig deep into card game research by analyzing the hands you have played, reading poker strategy articles, and interacting with other players.

Above is basic guide about playing poker at M88 online casino. However, you need to draw lessons during poker to keep making progress. Join online communities, societies and groups. It will help you. Good luck!

Bodog Review in Detail

Some experts comment that Bodog is one of the best online Casino for gamblers in the world. With more than 20 experience years, Bodog always offers top-notch gambling, promotions as well customer services. This article will review detail about Bodog, including in registering new account, attractive odds or promotions and source of game. Hope that it is enough good for you to decide betting on Bodog or not.

Banking Options in Bodog

There are requirements about respective min and max deposit amounts which makes professional and logic for both gamblers and themselves. Here is some examples: Visa credit and master card, you need to place min $25 and max $1,000. For bitcoin, min $20 and max $5000. The fact that they have more options, but you can use payment method depends where you live.

Remember that Neteller or Skrill are popular by many banking systems. But Bodog don’t accept them. So some gamblers feel uncomfortable about payment in this Casino.

Promotions Policies

In Bodog, they continue to update promotions following to occasions or hot trend. It is easy to be approved by players. However, there is a similar feature of promotions. Almost each of game has max about five core offers and at least two offers. When finish the timing out, gamblers only have the right to receive general deals.

Here is some main promotions on Bodog:

100% Sign up bonus

It is a great deal for player when you can match your deposit 100% for signing up the account in the first time. It means you place $200 as the minimum then you can get $400 total to bet with.

Welcome bonus

Bodog divide into two parts for bonus. The first is a slot bonus with 100% bonus up to $400 for 25x rollover. The rest part is other games for bonus. Although it has a 100% match bonus up to $200, it has a 40x rollover without single or double deck blackjack.

Bodog Review in Detail

Bodog is one of the most popular sites about Casino Online. Found in 2000, Bodog has been fast to become one of the market leaders for gambling and betting. To understand more detail about this site, this article will continue to share review about Bodog. It includes type of betting and how to place on betting on Bodog.

Types of betting

There are some types of betting from Bodog, including: money lines, point spreads, over-under, 3-ways and props. In per game, there are other options for betting. Even some games offer up to 60 different prop bets. So you should distinguish clear types of betting to avoid confusing or mistake among them.

As other professional sites, Bodog also offers live betting. It means you can bet on who will score next time in real time. The betting time will be determined as rule of per game. If your betting time is proper as requirement, it is approved.

Betting limits

The fact that Bodog has lower betting limits than others. On average you can place from $500 to $2000, depending on the market and kind of game or event. In general, this budget is not big for some big bettors.

Seeing to another side, small betting limit makes less risk for gamblers. This cost helps you to keep more games in case your budget is limit.

Thanks to co-operation with Real Time and Rival Gaming, Bodog has a strong online casino with about 150 different casino games. However Bodog doesn’t provide live streaming while you are easy to find this function at many on-US sportsbooks.

Conclusion: Bodog is an excellent site about betting online. Although it exists some drawbacks, it is completely reliable for your belief. We can’t find any cases of blatant scams, complaints or scandals from this site. So it is better for foreigner gamblers.

How to choose a casino game at online casino

One of the advantages of playing at online casino is the number of casino games. All top casinos have a long list of casino games to choose from. You will often be able to find all the most popular games like slot, blackjack, roulette, and others. From variations of traditional casino games to brand new casino games, casino games to choose from are virtually unlimited.

It’s great to have a wide selection of casino games to play, but it also makes it difficult for players to choose, especially new players. Experienced players may also feel dizzy with the long list of casino games. This is not really a problem, as you can use any method to choose casino games.

So, how to choose a suitable casino game to play at Malaysia online casino? Let’s have a look at the recommendation below!

You may like to choose different casino games every time you play. You can also focus on playing one or two of your favorite casino games. In our opinion, an interesting part of playing online is playing and discovering new games, so we just recommend that you try them all and decide what you like.

However, we do realize that many casino players have certain preferences about how they like casino games, and choose which casino games to play based on. For example, some players prefer low-risk betting, and so often choose casino games with a low house edge. Some players like to win big, and so should choose casino games with big payouts or jackpots.

Therefore, we have created a list of the best casino casino games in a number of different categories. Hopefully these lists will help you find the right casino game for you. However, remember, when choosing a casino game, there is no right or wrong, but simply a casino game that suits your personal taste.

5 invincible online poker tips that players absolutely should not miss

Here are 5 invincible online poker tips every player should know.

Understand the basics of poker at online casino

To play winning poker, first you need to understand the basics of the game such as poker rules, the types of poker, the ranking of the strong cards, etc. After knowing these things, then learn the tactics of placing wager.

Betting tactics

There are 3 basic poker strategies, you can apply them to almost any type of play. From these 3 tactics, you can transform and create your own play tactics.

Playing selectively. In this strategy, you discard the bad games and selectively play the good ones only.

Adventurous strategy.

Playing based on position. In this strategy, you choose a seat position that benefits you the most. The best seat is to have as few people coming after you as possible.

The results do not say much

There are many games you play very badly but still win, there are many games you play very well but the results are still losing. Luckily it’s hard to be like that.

In simple terms, it’s important to separate the outcome and the game. The best decision-making is the last factor. Even though the article is bad, you have good decision thinking and still bring a good result.

Absolutely not get angry

You must not get angry if you play poker. Even if you meet a bad player that affects your playing style, don’t swear. Because being easily angry makes your decision not wise. As mentioned above, the deciding factor is very important, it determines your victory.

Poker is a very good intellectual game. You should enjoy it, play the purpose of fun is the main, should not put the matter of winning or losing.

Innovative gameplay

You can change the basic playing tactics of poker. Learn more technical experience betting, know when to follow, when to skip. From there, create your own playing tactics. Who knows, one day, you will be honored on the world poker gold table.


These poker tips, though simple, are often overlooked by players. Hopefully through this article, you have a look and a right step in the course of your poker. Wish you have fun and win big.

Ulasan K9Win Casino

As far as we know, Malaysia Casino Online has covered top the best sites about gambling and betting sports which are reliable and famous for players. Among hundreds of other sites on Malaysia Casino Online, per site has unique feature about modes, functions, promotions or kind of games. So you should consider character of per site before decision to place betting on it.

This article will review K9Win Casino which is one of the famous sites on Malaysia Casino Online with offering good welcome bonus for new player.


K9Win is operated by K9 Industry Inc which focuses on both Casino and Sport betting. This site has been licensed and developed at the Asia market, especially the Malaysia and Singapore bettors.

To meet available demands of gamblers, K9Win has built up a strong system of game data, including gambling and sport betting. Firstly, about gambling, they offer enough favorites of traditional games such as blackjack, poker, sic bo, dragon tiger or pai gow. Then it also develops its own online gambling software with live casino games.

We also can’t miss sport betting which a new method of online gambling recently. For bettors for sportsbook, there are a wide range of sports for your placing. It receives not only online transaction via bank system but also accept slot games with purpose that players can approach their gambling conveniently. In general, in K9Win Casino, they are collecting all the most modern games at the international market.

Besides the world of sports, usual casino games or live casino option, K9Win also offers some favorite betting games of Malaysians like horse racing or 4D jackpot. This is a suitable way to attract the Malaysia potential market. So this site has both domestic and overseas characters.

In conclusion, you can are free to choose variety of great games as your favorites.

4 common questions about withdrawals at online casino

Before starting to play online casino how to deposit and withdraw money is always the problem that you want to learn first and that is a popular topic that many new players are interested in.

Here are the 5 most common questions about deposits and withdrawals along with sure answers that after knowing these things you won’t have any worries when you start playing casino games. post online.

1. I don’t feel safe. Would it be any problem playing with cash?

Once you have played games on cash online, the safety issue is always a top priority in online casinos to create credibility for customers so you do not need to worry too much. to settle. High-tech services, security, support and support are available at all times to protect players’ money.

To win real money you have to deposit real money and you can rest assured trust all 10 casinos that we assess here they will give you absolute safety!

2. So, what is the best way for me to make a deposit?

After choosing an online casino you trust to join the first step is to sign up for a new account and then proceed to deposit – it’s very simple you can do it on your computer or on your phone. mobile. Visit the cashier’s home page or select the Deposit button.

A simple form will appear – asking for the method you want to perform the deposit. Choose method, amount and currency, fill out the form and then start playing.

And immediately a welcome bonus from the Malaysia online casino will be given to you after completing the deposit. Read the instructions carefully before making your first deposit – Most casinos require a minimum amount of cash so you can receive your initial bonus.

3. How do I withdraw money?

You will decide what to do with the money in your online casino account. After betting on the amount you have won, you will be allowed to withdraw funds from your account

Always read the terms and conditions of any bonuses you decide to use before playing at Malaysia online casino carefully. After you have met all the necessary requirements, you will be allowed to withdraw funds from the winnings accumulated in your account.

4. How much can I withdraw?

Every online casino has its own terms and methods of withdrawal. Any withdrawal method has specific limits on time and amount. When you decide to make a withdrawal, try to make sure it meets the house’s requirements to avoid trouble later.

K9Win Casino Review

Placing sport betting becomes popular with everyone in the world. Among millions of sportsbooks websites, how to choose good website with safe, relying as well higher possibility to win, it’s a hard question for a gambler. Depending on other aspects, gamblers have various appreciations differently about sites on betting markets.

This article will continue to review about K9Win Casino which ha been ranked on top the best sport betting websites. This time, we will discuss how to place bets on K9Win together.

To decide a sport game for bets, you need to determine promotions and bonuses which this site offer

The fact that, everyone cares about bonuses which is the most enticing factor for decision. As good feedback, K9Win always is on top the sites with reasonable odds for users. It offers 100% for a welcome bonus on the first deposit. Besides it, it also shares free spins for other occasions. Free spin is added to your favorite slot games automatically. Even, high rollers are usually referred on bonus. In generally, K9Win has proper odds and promotions for any gamblers, both new account or royal customer.

Not included special bonuses on the special occasions, K9Win also has daily policy. It has been continued to updated and changed day by day to make more interesting to gamblers. For example, you can go up to 50% total amount for each day from myriad of rebates and cashback bonuses. Or on the weekend, you also receive other promotions. The truth that, sportsbook betting is usually offered more bonuses than other traditional games.

According to your birthday or anniversary for registering an official account, you also get special bonuses from this site like: Red Envelope Room and other mini-games.

K9Win is always confident to be compared with other websites about bonuses. So you don’t hesitate to ignore this part to move the next step for consideration about it.

Review about empire777 casino

On the available market of casino online, to choose a proper site for betting is not easy. It depends other factors such as reputation of this site, strength or weakness for per kind of betting or ways for promotions. In general, you should consider carefully before decision for your option.

This article will share basic information about empire 777 casino which is always on the top popular betting sites in the world.

The last article, we introduce about empire 777 casino basically. Now we will discuss promotion and the world of game in this site.

Firstly, promotions and bonus are always in preference of all bettors

In empire777 casino, they offer a wide range of promotions any deposit, reload or rebate bonuses. Furthermore, you also get bonuses from inviting some friends to register this site. Don’t miss slots tournaments because they offer interesting prizes.

Please note that all regular bonus, odd levels and tournaments should be subject to be changed and updated to make more interesting for gamblers. It’s better that you refer enough information about terms and conditions before confirmation about one official bets.

Empire 777 casino also has special program for VIP customers. The rewards can be birthday bonuses, festive treats, personal account managers, holoday or rebate bonuses. There are two kind of VIP, including Platinum VIP and Diamond VIP which is determined on minimum monthly turnover of per account.

Secondly, the world of game in this site

Empire 777 separates into other fields to search conveniently. They include casino, slots and table games. Almost games are provided by big developers with high reputation in the online gaming market like: GamePlay Interactive, Pragmatic Play, GameOMat, Booming Games or Yggdrasil, BetSoft Gamin.

Some table games are blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, craps, table poker, or oddutues and even roulette games. They seem traditional for betting. While some machine games are jackpot, classic or video slot.

12bet is one of the best Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

In terms of prestige and safety, perhaps no house is more than 12Bet. This bookmaker is licensed to operate by the Isle of Man gambling supervision commission. Headquarters in Europe is operated by Pacific Sea Invests S.A. (Europe) Limited (“PSE”).

In Asia and especially Malaysia, all the operations and supervision of the British Virgin Islands company with offices in Cagayan Economic Zone, Philippines.

PSI products and services operate under the license and regulations of the First Cagayan Entertainment and Resort Group in the Cagayan Economic Zone of the Philippines government. Being completely licensed by the government, you have plenty of peace of mind to satisfy your passion.

Coming to Malaysia market, Mr. 12Bet also existed and developed for more than a decade. I have been following him for more than 6 years now, any achievements I have not achieved. Important that I like.

The language is suitable for Malaysian people

At first I thought all the international bookies were all Chinese so it was difficult to play. When I started to look, it was OK again, full of Malaysian instructions. It took a lot for them to create an account.

Basically, my wife was afraid of knowing so I had to hide a little. A lot of easy-going women are okay, sometimes the fans are bad at it.

New registration is easy, support any time anywhere

When I first registered at 12Bet Malaysia online casino, there was a very good consulting girl. While doing so, swinging a few sentences with the girl, she was happy. Until the next morning I went to the bank to re-register the account and listened to the little girl’s advice, so I had a new account to play.

Dealer 12BET Register is easy

Then reload on each program to be promotions again. If you did not spend any money, you will have more bonuses, how much will you pay for it now.

Not to mention the other games also have% refund, too many incentives for players.

Strict security

I heard that some of you plan to set up multiple accounts to play, but how big is the stickiness of the house’s security. Each player is only allowed one account and will perform random security checks to maintain the integrity and fairness of the system.

Overview about 188Bet- one great online sport betting

If you like style of sport betting in the UK, 188Bet is the best choice. Don’t focus on the Asia sport betting market as many betting sites, 188Bet takes advantage of chance to develop online sport betting in the UK market. However, they still focus on Asian customers.

To understand more information about 188Bet, you can follow this article.

In general, 188Bet can offer total global service for players in the world, especially sports betting in the UK market. In the first period of developing, it only attracts customers in Asia with only sports leagues in Asia area Then they attract the UK market to make global services for all players in the world. Since founded in 2006 as a newcomer in the online gamble, it has reached success and reputation as a big name nowadays.

After gaining this position, they have marketing strategies to increase ability in sport betting such as sponsoring two football teams in some famous leagues such as Premier League teams Wigan Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United or Aston Villa. Thanks for sponsor, they reached benefits for attention and name recognition. It is a note to start image for sport betting market. Then they also provide funding to many sports and leagues for promotional endeavors. For example, 188BET became the main sponsorship for the Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Through sponsor, 188BET collects bookmakers and client database to work out well.

Although revenue is the most important thing, 188BET don’t abuse young people in the international gambling. They don’t encourage student in university to join betting. They only serve customers who have enough conditions as the fixed rule of the Government. This policy is newsworthy to make positive business.

To make more success for sport betting, 188BET also builds up a wide range of kind of betting. We will discuss it for the next article.

12bet is one of the best Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

If any player is found to be involved in fraudulent activities, his/her account will be closed right away.

Under the terms of the license as well as the terms and conditions of business, the money received through fraudulent activities can be confiscated or recovered.

The house of 12BET is strictly confidential

See, don’t think that you can cheat with the house. Extremely transparent, safe and extremely high security. I don’t know much about technology so just bury me, just play is okay.

That day finished, burial immediately with a lot of skewers can also salvage one, Europe is also leafy.

The system of banking support to send, withdrawing fast quickly

I almost never had to worry about depositing or withdrawing money at 12Bet because it was so fast Update account 15 minutes after sending money.

Some days are even faster in just 5-10 minutes. The withdrawal process is longer in about 4 hours. Within 24 hours at the latest and if such a time arises, the consultant will contact directly to notify himself.

Because the 12Bet house simply has security systems on both currencies that no house has, including anti-money laundering policies.

In addition to the 12BET Bank, we would like to introduce to you another prestigious house, the 1GOM Bank. Please refer to it.

Multiple game

Sometimes when I hit a lot of lots, I got bored and went to other subjects. At first I did not know much, after it was time to like betting on football to become addicted again.

Football contracts with all types such as Asian rafters, European rafters, trusses fainting but football soccer continuously, unlike the number cheeks is only waiting until the evening to get results.

12BET online casino offers diversity game

In addition to Lot threads, football betting, 12Bet also has a very attractive Casino. There are many small games in online Casino like shooting fish, dragon warriors, poker, roulette.

If you are sad, you can play all day without stopping. Sometimes my wife and children keep telling me not to go out. What to do when there are games like this.

Going out to the street only costs useless things while playing at online casino sometimes helps you to win even more money.

Instructions to play Roulette in the M88 online casino (Part 1)

The M88 dealer is one of the oldest operating bookmakers in Malaysia. Their list of Casino games is varied and rich with all the popular games at real casinos and Malaysia online casinos.

This article shows how to play Roulette – the roulette tables in their E-games area.

After logging in to your M88 dealer account, select the Casino area and on the left game toolbar select the Card & Table option. There are many different types of Roulette like Roulette Crystal, Europe Roulette (European Roulette), American Roulette (American Roulette).

Note that this area is an area for E-games Casino games, online betting games here are programmed on the game system, the results are randomly given by the computer system. and there is no fraud or manipulation of the outcome.

European-style roulette is chosen by more people because the probability of winning is slightly higher (American-style roulette has an additional 1 00, so the odds of winning at the common bet gates such as Red/Black, Odd/Even affected).

A typical Roulette table in this area. You can find the mysterious formal solemnity of a real Casino. The betting options are clearly displayed, you just need to select the coin in the adjacent area and place on the corresponding betting option, just like playing at a real casino.

Every time you hover your mouse over the betting options, the number boxes in that option will light up so you can easily identify the options and know which ones you bet on the roulette table.

Spin buttons to select spin, Clear to withdraw all bets, and a table of recent games results are also provided for players to follow and consider the next betting decision.

If you have difficulty in the betting options or other rules of this game, read the tutorial on playing Roulette to learn more.

Special Roulette table at the M88 dealer

The Casino section of the M88 dealer also allows the player to try another special Roulette table – the Multi Wheel Roulette Gold table.

Which online casino allow playing blackjack for free? (Part 2)

M88 online casino

The dealer allows playing Blackjack for free

Referring to M88, this is a house that has appeared in Malaysia for a long time and has a good customer care team. M88 is always up to date with the latest online casino or betting games and attractive promotions for members participating in online gambling at M88.

Dealer M88 offers a free blackjack feature for new members to join. When registering an account at the M88 dealer, players will be offered a virtual money of about $ 2000 to play free blackjack and a number of other games available at the M88 dealer homepage. As such, players can experience playing free blackjack and be familiar with the most prestigious online casino system in Malaysia. It is interesting, isn’t it?

You can play blackjack for free in the Playtech area and the Casino area by visiting the link below.

Empire777 online casino

Want to experience playing blackjack for free with vivid graphics, register to play at the house of Empire777.

Empire777 is a casino that specializes in online casinos and only specializes in online casinos without sports or other betting games. Players who register for an account at the Empire777 main home page can receive blackjack offers or attractive prizes for new members.

The Empire777 Banker does not offer free blackjack incentives to players, but instead, players will receive attractive promotions during the game at the Empire777 dealer page.

With the professional online casino games at the Empire777 house, members will have the experience of being as expensive and authentic as sitting in online casinos.

Please visit the website link below to participate in playing blackjack and some other prominent casino games.

Happyluke online casino

Like the bookmakers above, the Happyluke dealer also offers free trial play for games at the Happyluke dealer homepage. In particular, playing free blackjack is one of the attractive incentives that Happyluke wants to give to new members who register for an account at Happyluke.

In addition to participating in free blackjack, players can also experience other famous free casino games such as Baccarat, scratch cards, etc. at Happyluke.

Visit Happyluke’s official website to experience playing free blackjack now

Above are a few introductions about the bookmakers that allow you to try blackjack for free and experience the best services of reputable bookmakers.

What are you waiting for? Try to play free blackjack at the house above?

The reasons why you choose Empire 777 for betting

As far as we know the Empire 777 betting is one of the most popular betting sites in the world, especially for bettors in the Asia. In general, people come to the Empire 777 betting because of many other reasons, including bonus, promotions, licensed certificate, service or banking options. All aspects should be clearly appreciated to point that this betting site is got or not.

In this article, we will refer to 3 aspects to choose Empire 777 for betting. They are banking option, customer assistant and company license.

3rd reason: it’s banking option

To customize convenience for customers, the Empire 777 allows a huge of banking options for customer. It’s easy and simple to transact money directly from another country to other countries.

You can use credit card, debit card, bank or wire transfer to access to the online payment gateways. Please note that the bank can charge a small fee from 5$ to 15% for other transactions. This fee is of the bank, not for the Empire 777.

4th reason: Customer assistance

Customer assistance is granted as one of the best features in this betting site. They invest a professional specialists system to assist bettor for any gambling problems. Furthermore, their staff always are ready to answer queries from customers anytime. You can contact to them by phone or email to receive assistance properly.

5th reason: Company licenses

Through certificated public, we see that this betting site has been completed certificates and licenses as the law requires about one casino site. Therefore, it is also trustworthy to play with money at this site. By global certificates, customers can get in touch with any players from other nations or find teammates to support you to win one prizes. All database and profile about customers will be shared basically to do research before choosing teammates

Instructions to play Roulette in the M88 online casino (Part 2)

This game is special in that players can bet up to 8 different tables at once. After completing 1 game, it is equal to another person playing up to 8 games. This game allows you to increase the speed of play to the maximum, but it also costs you money very quickly if you are “unlucky”. The fact that there are too many turning tables at the same time also causes many players who are “confused” to keep up with the results.

However, these turntables can be activated or disabled by the player, just a light click is the table turned off, if you want to open it, just click again. For example, players only want to play 4 goals instead of 8 maximum.

Note that every time you place a bet, you will bet on all 8 tables at the same time, not bet on table number 1, bet on number 8, table 2 on bet 11. You bet the same For all 8 turntables, remember this.

When you finish, all winning numbers will be clearly marked as shown for your viewing and monitoring. Other details such as the amount of bets on each table (WHEEL BET), the number of tables activated in the game (WHEELS), the total amount of bets (TOTAL BET) and the amount of winnings (TOTAL WIN) are displayed in full. enough in the lower right corner of the game screen.

A few notes when playing Roulette

At the M88 dealer or any other Malaysia online casino, remember that the high betting options on their own are extremely risky, never starting with these bets. If you lose, it is assumed that the entire amount of money will also wear a hat when you have lost your temper. Pay attention to this point.

Two more, these games are free to play, if you want to play for free to understand more, you can visit this area with the attitude of the player to perfect their skills and understanding. before playing with real money.

Finally, be aware that these are entertaining games, you cannot make money from playing games in online casino. The game is similar to playing lottery. If you’re lucky, you have money and fun, if not, you’re still completely happy. If you put your money above relaxation, you will be completely dominated and this is no longer entertainment. Be careful !

Review about Bodog Casino

In this article, we will review about Bodog casino which is one the most famous betting sites in the world. Even someone consider that if you only are allowed to choose one casino, Bodog is the smartest choice.

The fact that Bodog is always on the top best betting sites during 20 years since establishment. They maintain good services with top games for gamble, great promotions as well attractive prizes.

Firstly, discuss about the banking options on Bodog

Bodog is confident about banking option system compared other betting site. First of all, they also limit the following banking options as the fixed rule. But all terms and condition should be publicized on website for gamblers to arrange deposit before betting officials.

There are some respective min and max deposit for per type of betting like: visa needs 25$ for min deposit and 1,000$ for max deposit, bitcoin needs 20$ for min deposit and 5,000$ for max deposit, Mastercard needs 25$ for min deposit and 1,000$ for max deposit, so on.

In general, banking option systems depend on where you live. This site takes advantage of advanced technology to customize demands of everyone in the world. However they don’t use payment on Neteller and Skrill which are big online banking system now.

On Bodog, they don’t charge any deposit fees, so you feel their service is good. After deposit, you only are charged a small transaction fee from bank.

But this policy is only offered for making deposit while they still charge fee for withdrawals. According to the rule, in the first month of registering, you are free for any withdrawal for transaction. Then you are charged 50$ from the second month, except bitcoin banking option is fee for all transaction. If you intend to withdraw cash, you can take action it everywhere for amount from 20$ to 3000$ one time.

Instructions to play blackjack in w88 online casino

Blackjack is one of the most used cards in major casinos, with a fairly simple way of playing that players have the opportunity to achieve the desired amount of bonus. Please refer to the information of playing Blackjack at W88 for the following details to know how to play online.

Blackjack is one of the new games updated by the W88 online casino house with impeccable quality. Please refer to the article to learn how to play blackjack at w88.

Step 1: Visit the dealer website and select Online casino

You can refer to the links above to quickly log in to the house without being blocked. To play betting effectively when creating w88 account, please note filling complete personal information correctly and offline.

Each player is only allowed to register for a single account with complete personal information and contact information. After registering your personal account, please quickly log in to the house to join the fun. Right on the home bar select Online Casino.

There are 4 casinos to choose from including Club W, Club W Premier, Club Massimo, Club Palazzo. You choose Club W Premier because Club W does not support Blackjack, Club Massimo has a nice and eye-catching interface design, but the bet is huge, so it is best to choose the Club W Premier casino that is suitable for new players.

Step 2: Go to the Blackjack table and select the desired bet level

After clicking PLAY NOW. In the interface bar, the player chooses ANOTHER, there will be the favorite Blackjack game you want to choose.

Step 3: Proceed with the bet

The rules of Blackjack are also quite simple, quite similar to the Malaysian Poker game. You will be played with 8 decks of 52 cards mixed together. The player (his or her hand) will play directly with the house, not compete with other children. 21 is the highest score in this game.

After your hand has bet, the dealer’s dealer will hand the card. Each player is dealt 2 cards face up, and for the house one face-down card and 1 face-up card. Following the instructions to play Blackjack at W88 makes it easy to join the fun with the attractive Blackjack game.