Everything About Mix Parlay Betting

How are you, all of you fans of online soccer gambling throughout the country, this time the author wants to discuss something important for you related to online soccer betting. Do you all know clearly and understand about the Mix Parlay type bet? Or do most of you just play on other types of bets on your favorite online soccer betting site agent?

Especially for this online soccer gambling game, Mix Parlay is a type of bet that is indeed complicated when it comes to the count of wins than other types of online soccer bets. This is understandable and this is also a common thing because in this Mix Parlay type bet, players bet in 1 bet for three or more matches where the match of course also has its own Odds and its own market, such as Over Under, Correct Score (Guess). Score), Home Draw Away, Asian Handicap, Odd Even both the first half match or what is often called the Half Time match which lasts 1 x 45 minutes or it can also be a full match or what is often referred to as the Full Time match which lasts 2 x 45 minutes.

Does all this sound more complicated for you guys? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you think. Here the author will provide betting guidelines and ways to calculate odds on the type of online soccer mix parlay betting bet.

So this is how to bet on this type of mix parlay online soccer betting bet, the step is, let’s say the player has to choose the matches, then after that the player then adds up the Odds that arise from each match. In order to be able to choose every match that you want to choose into this type of Mix Parlay bet, it is indeed very easy, but here do you all know how to calculate the number of Odds from each match that will be played?

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Everything About Mix Parlay Betting

Now for those who don’t know how to calculate it, actually how to calculate the number of Odds is very easy, namely by multiplying the Odds one by one. The author will provide an example of a simulation so that you better understand the meaning of the sentence above.

Example of a mix parlay bet simulation
Choice match:

Manchester City ( Odds = 1.31 ) Vs Chelsea ( Odds = 1.01) , Handicap Asia Voor 2 Chelsea.
Inter Milan Vs AC Milan, Odds ( Odds = 1.21) Even ( Odds = 1.23 ).
Valencia Vs Atletico, Over (Odds = 2.11) Under (Odds = 1.95) Over Under = 3.
Let’s say you choose the three matches mentioned above as an option for the Mix Parlay bet type, the first choice is Manchester City for match 1, then the Odd option in match 2, and the option Over for match 3.

Now here the total Odds of the three online soccer betting matches from the choices above are 3.45 (1.31 x 1.21 x 2.11). But all of you should stay calm here because generally as soon as you choose a match for the Mix Parlay online soccer betting type, the total Odds will also appear automatically. Here the author just wants to give you a little handle so that you can also calculate it manually.

Now we go to the calculation of the victory of the Mix Parlay online soccer betting type. In various possibilities that occur, let’s say your bet amount is 50,000, the calculation is as follows:

( 3.45 – 1 ) x 50,000, 2.45 x 50,000 = 122,500 this is a calculation if the bet position on all teams is correct and you win in full.
(2.58 – 1) x 50,000, 1.58 x 50,000 = 79,000 This is a calculation if the bet position on one of the teams results in a draw, then the Odds of that team are not counted. For example, here the draw is match 3, namely Valencia Vs Atletico Madrid, then what is calculated is the Odds of the choice of matches 1 and 2. Here the Odds value will be 2.58.
3.45 : 2 = 1.725, 1.725 x 50.000 = 86.250 this is a calculation if the bet position is on one team
only win half then the number of Odds of all match selections will be divided by 2.
2.77 – 1 = 1.77, 1.77 x 50.000 = 88.500 This is a calculation if the bet position on one of the Teams loses half. If the condition is like this then the odds that count are the winning matches divided by 2. Let’s say the winning match is 1st and 3rd then the odds in the winning selected match are 2.77 which is obtained from 1.31 x 2.11.
But if there is one match that you choose to lose in full, your mix parlay bet position will be considered lost. Hopefully the information that the author provides in this article about how to calculate the Mix Parlay online soccer betting bet can be useful for all of you. So far, the author feels that it is clear enough to explain.