How to Read Odd/Even (Odd/Even) Bet Types

For this type of Odd (Odd) & Even (Even) bet, this is a betting option that is quite popular among online soccer gamblers today. Why can it be said like that? Because, this type of bet can be said to be unique and also not complicated. Then, how does it work?

For those of you beginners in the world of online soccer gambling who don’t know how it works. For that, keep on reading our explanation. judi bola indonesia The system is very easy, you just need to guess the final result of the match. Is the final result even or odd.

For this bet there is no time limit, because this will refer to 2 X 45 Minutes. Even injury time is still counted. so, if the referee has blown the final time of the match. then, that’s the result of this odd even bet type. When the final result is obtained, then you just need to add up the whole. To determine the final result whether the result is odd or even.

If the result of the game is 0–0, it will be even. And if the final result is 1-0, it will be odd. By now, you may have started to understand right! OK, this is a more detailed example.

Example :

Like the match between Shakhtar Donetsk Vs Inter Milan a few days ago. The match ended with a score of 0-5 which was won by Inter Milan. Well, for that, the total goals are totaled, so the result is 0 + 5 = 5 (Odd).