Multiple California Lottery Winners Lead to Late Payments

The volume of lottery winners in the state of California has increased recently, which has led to delays in prize payments of over $ 600.The California Lottery has stated that it cannot keep up with all of its recent winnings and used scratcher prize payouts to take six weeks to pay is now pending, with people waiting 12 to 14 weeks for payment.

Scratchers who have a prize of $ 599 or less can be redeemed at the shop where the ticket was purchased, but prizes higher than $ 600 require the player to fill out a claim form which begins the claim process. The Deputy Director of Communications for the California Lottery, Russel Lopez, stated that it was not that the lottery had no money for payment, but that the Lottery was just a catch-up play because of the entry of winners.

Regular players from the California Lottery have expressed their skepticism on the tardiness but others understand the problem at hand. An increase in winners with prizes of $ 600 or more was reported due to a new strategy with the Lottery. According to Lopez, the Lottery has introduced higher price point scratchers which can result in a higher number of winners. Lopez stated that players like $ 10 and $ 20 a game and that the Lottery recently introduced another new game with a $ 30 price tag.

A large number of raffle claims range from $ 600 to $ 1,000. The California Lottery is reportedly working on a plan to speed up the processing of claims that go into these prizes.

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