Roulette Player: $ 35,000 To $ 1,225,000 In 1 Spin

The celebration of a New Year was extended to be unforgettable for Brazilian friends playing roulette at the Conrad Punta del Este Resort and Casino Hotel in Uruguay. Pedro Grendene Bartelle, a successful businessman in his own right and the possible heir to Bartelle’s footwear family fortune, put down a stack of chips – reportedly worth $ 35,000, number 32, while his friends covered numbers around the bet.

The ball landed where it was predicted and Bartelle was $ 1,225,000 in richer chips if the stake was $ 35,000. A cell phone video of the phenomenal show has surfaced on Youtube for those wary of the riches for the riches of stories. Friends can be seen jumping hand in hand in a winner’s circle while the audience provides their own response to the event through body language and facial expressions.

Conrad Resort & Casino is an opulently appointed casino, spa and vacation retreat offering luxurious beaches on the southern tip of the peninsula of Uraguay. The weather there is hottest in February (71 * f) and coldest in July (53 * f).

The casino offers about 75 gaming tables, a dozen poker tables, and more than 500 slot machines. January, February, and March see the most visitors.

Editor’s Note: There have been various rumors circulating about the amount of bets and won. A single number bet in roulette, including 0 or 00 pays 35: 1. If Bartelle wagers the $ 100,000 which some reports claim, she will win $ 3,500,000.

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