Software providers for slots games

If you are interested in playing the joker123, the following are some of the software providers that are known to give reputable slots games. With a reputable provider, you are assured that you are safe playing your game online.


Some of the software providers who are lower cost tend to feature much when it comes to licensed properties. RTG is one of the most popular software that is known to cater to players in the USA. Most of the games that they provide are unique to their software. They have one licensed game which is the Big bopper slots, which is one that is tied in a theme related to the Chantilly Lace famous oldies singer.


WagerWorks offers several licensed properties for slots. It is a company which is responsible for making the IGT slots available on the internet. IGT stands for international gaming technology, which is the largest slots machine producers in the world. When you look at most of the famous in the world, then it is their handwork.

Playtech and microgaming

Some of the providers of slot gaming only offer games on the internet, and they are known to be on real money gaming to the customers in various countries where the real money casino games are regulated and legal.

The Microgaming and Playtech are some of the companies which have been in the market for quite a while. It is the best known for their variety of the progressive jackpot games, and the Playtech is well known for their licensing of some of the Marvel Comics like the Fantastic Four, Captain America, and The Avengers

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NexGen Gaming

It is like most of the online slots providers do specialize in one or the other area when it comes to gaming. NexGen gaming is one provider that specializes in providing slot machines that are story-based for online casinos. They are some of the most recent and modern innovation in online gaming machines.


It is one which has made a name for itself by offering of the best games available in the 3D slot machine market. These are video slot machines games with graphics and stunning animation. It is hard to imagine someone coming with designs for games as eye-pleasing to the eye like this particular company.

Aristocrat Leisure

It is a company which is out of Australia specializing in creating slots machines which have gameplay feature for live casinos, but they have currently expanded to online casinos. They are the ones who are responsible for the joker123 games available.