Tricks to Win Playing the Best Golden Beauty Slots

As you know, the Golden Beauty Slot game is currently quite popular and is widely played by everyone in Indonesia and other countries. The reason is only one, this game can provide huge profits instantly, which is currently quite difficult to get big profits. But of course you have to be able to find the right place to play and powerful slot game tricks to make you win.

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In this article, we will discuss in full the tricks to win the Golden Beauty Indonesia slot that you can enjoy at the Copasport casino club called Cupsport. If you are not familiar with this game, you can see the results of the Golden Beauty Online Slot Game Review here.

Complete Tricks to Win Playing Golden Beauty Indonesia Slots

This Golden Beauty slot is a new game from provider Pragmatic Play, and is the game with the most features and the biggest payouts. This is a development, considering that online slot games do need a refresh to attract more players.

Here’s a slot game trick that you can use to often win in this game,

  • Enable Turbo Spin Without Auto Spin

At the beginning of the game you need to activate the turbo spin feature, but don’t activate the auto spin feature first. Play a minimum of 20 bets without using auto spin at the beginning, and it is better to set the amount of each bet above the minimum bet of the game. this is useful for fishing for wild symbols and bonuses to appear more often without having to wait up to 10 bets.

  • Enable Fast Play With Auto Play

Turn off the turbo spin feature after you’ve played at least the initial 20 spins, and enable the fast spin feature with auto spins with a 200 spin limit. This of course you have to balance with the capital you bring. What is important from this step is capital, at least you must have a capital of IDR 3,500 x 200 to fulfill 200 automatic spins.

  • Don’t stop in the middle of the game

You must stay in the game while the game is running, because if you exit, then the turnover you collect in the machine will move to another player who enters next. and believe me if you play patiently, then you will be able to get a big advantage in this game.

That’s all the complete tricks for winning the Golden Beauty Indonesia slot that we can give, hopefully this information is useful for all of you, and don’t forget to watch and subscribe to the 12Slot youtube channel as a reference for our slot game tricks.

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