Win the Best Indonesian Online Roulette Casino Gambling

Indonesian online Roulette casino gambling agents provide roulette games with the best providers. Online Roulette is a game that belongs to the online casino family and is really loved by players. Because from how to play it’s pretty easy.

In addition, this online roulette game has the opportunity to get a high payout if the ball stops the number you place. Because each number or type of online roulette bet has a payout value. You can get the impression of playing the most trusted Indonesian online casino Roulette.

Before you enter the review or understanding of how to play Indonesian online casino roulette, we have prepared. Make sure you have registered for Indonesian roulette casino and joined us and already have a user id and password to play. Our most important focus is to give you confidence and comfort when playing online roulette on Nexus Gaming Trusted.

Best Online Roulette Gambling

Online Roulette is a type of gambling game Bandar Ion Club that is played with the ball spinning on a spinning wheel. With a total column of numbers from 0 to 36. The aim of this game is to predict which ball will stop on one of the 36 numbers. If the ball stops at the number you placed, you get a huge payout. Not only can you bet on numbers. But there are also you can choose red or black and so on, determine where the ball will stop.

How to Play the Best Indonesian Online Roulette Casino Gambling

The way to make an Online Rollet bet is to click on the location you want to play. The cursor must be pointed to the correct location so that the system can read it correctly. After you place your desired bet. The way after that click agree / confirm because your bet will be accepted by the mechanism.

The purpose of this Indonesian online Roulette casino gambling is to choose the winning number on the online roulette wheel. You can bet with a combination of numbers or choose the color or even odd that will come out. But playing real money online roulette is not as easy as we think where we need to focus on timing and betting pairs.

Place Bets on Real Money Roulette Tables

When making Indonesian online casino roulette bets on online gambling sites. Therefore, each player will give 1 minute to make a bet and confirm the bet. If it’s been through 1 minute, then all bets on the table will immediately be locked. So you can’t place a bet on that spin anymore. Therefore, all the chips that are already in the table are guaranteed to be valid. After all bets have been placed, time will stop to start spinning the small ball in the roulette wheel.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, where everyone is waiting for the place where the ball stops and wins in the Indonesian Online Roulette casino game. You don’t have to worry if you have a lot of partners. Because the impossible system can go wrong to pay for all the bets on that table.

Here are some rules for this real money online roulette chip game and the prize payments for each bet on the Indonesian online casino roulette table.


  • 1 Chip = Rp 1.000,-
  • 10 Chip = Rp 10.000,-
  • 100 Chip = Rp 100.000,-
  • 500 Chip = Rp 500.000,-
  • 1.000 Chip = Rp 1.000.000,-
  • 2.000 Chip = Rp 2.000.000,-


  • Bet 1 Winning number x35
  • Bet 2 Line Winning number x17
  • Line bet Winning number x 8
  • Column and Row bets 1,2,3 Winning result multiplied = 2
  • Bet 1-18 Small, 19-36 Big Win 1 payout 1
  • Even Bet – Odd ODD, Winning 1 is paid 1
  • Red Red – Black Black, Winning 1 is paid 1